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Frequently asked questions




Okay, so we like the photos. But who are you? Tell us a few things about yourself.

Cheers. I'm Menios. I live in Thessaloniki with my wife and our three children. I work as a photographer but I used to work as an environmentalist. I like traveling, listening to mus...

Environmentalist! How did this change happen?

It's quite a long story. Let's just say for now that it was a mix of practical issues and of an inner desire for a more creative profession.

OK. What would you say is your photographic style?

I don't know really what to tell you on this. This whole stylistic jargon is a bit weird. Check this one, it just came to me: "documentary photojournalism with cinematic, retro and fashion/editorial elements, low saturation colors and an emphasis on backlighted shallow depth of field portrait photography."

Nevermind. What are you looking for in a photo?

Ideally I would like every photo to be a liitle bit magical but I can not exactly define what magical means beacuse in that case iit would cease to be magical.


Hmmm. What is your approach?

I always prefer to stay "invisible". Ideally, I would like those who are photographed to be totally unaware or uninterested of my presence and be completely absorbed in what they are doing. In this way both their experience is richer and the photographic result more intense.

What if we prefer a more posed approach?

So you are one of them?!  I'm only kidding, by all means, let's explore our posing and, why not, our acting skills together.

., we don't thing we can do it. We feel a bit akward and uneasy in front of the camera.

My people. I feel you, it's okay, there is no need to worry, whatever works for you. I will not press you for that matter, ok maybe I will direct you just a little bit if you seem completely lost in time-space.


What if we want video as well?

Even better, I will have some company. My associates I mean.

Unless you want to book someone of your own, which is perfectly fine with me.


Do you make albums?



There are so many photographers. Tell us why we should choose you?

Ah yes, that question. Check the photos basically.

If they speak to you then we are on the right track.


Okay, we like you. Now what?

Please contact me by any means you prefer, phone, message, mail etc. Give me a description of your needs and wishes and I will send you a relevant quote within two working days. After that we can arrange a close up meeting (or a distant one) to get to know each other better and discuss all the practical issues in detail.

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